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Dr. Kereah Carpenter, DC PC graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland and has been an Aloha Chiropractor since 1992.  Her specialties include:

Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain
Back, Hip & Leg Pain
Headaches and Migraines
TMJ Problems and Carpal Tunnel
She accepts:
Auto Accidents
Workers Compensation
Most Health Insurance Companies
Dr. Kereah Carpenter uses multiple safe, effective and gentle techniques to relieve pain.  She is dedicated to providing you with the best possible Aloha chiropractic care.  Have you had a new injury or do you suffer from a chronic painful condition?  Maybe you are seeking a natural alternative to daily medication, wanting to avoid a pending surgery or noticing diminishing function, performance and overall health of your body.  Dr. Carpenter will provide the education and traditional chiropractic care necessary for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Massage Therapy is also available on-site for your convenience.

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Carpenter Chiropractic Clinic at the Aloha Pain Relief Center is
located between McDonalds and Wendy's Restaurant at:
19665 S.W T.V Hwy, Suite A2  Aloha, OR 97003
We can be contacted to set up an appointment at   (503) 642-3423.

What is CHIROPRACTIC and what is it for?

Many people experience chiropractic as a natural, drug-free way to get healthy. While a little boy who no longer suffers from ear infections may tell you: "Chiropractic is for my ears" a young woman may tell you: "Chiropractic is for menstrual problems."  Others may tell you that chiropractic treatment helps with their digestive problems, asthma, colds, headaches, back or neck pains, sciatica, neurological problems, colic, bed-wetting and many more conditions.  However, people frequently visit their chiropractor for things like improving their energy, improving their sports performance, better resistance to diseases and helping to ensure drug-free lives for themselves and their families.

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Your brain talks with the rest of your body through extensive communication systems mostly made up of nerves. Your nerves come out of your brain in a large bundle called the spinal cord, travel down your back inside your spinal column and exit at different levels. Some nerves exit from your neck to go to your throat, thyroid, voice box, trachea, heart and arteries, while others exit your mid to lower back to go to your lungs, bronchi, pancreas, intestines, spleen, adrenals, liver, legs, bladder, kidneys and other organs to help them function properly.  Chiropractors remove vertebral subluxations, a serious interference in your life and health, which prevent you from functioning at your best.  When free from vertebral subluxations, you are more balanced with less stress on your nervous system and body structure.  When free from vertebral subluxations, you can better tune in to your inner resources of life, health and healing. Many people say that: "Chiropractic brings out the best in me."

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